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    Epoxy floor

Floor coating
and parking deck membrane

If you need to rejuvenate or resurface flooring in your warehouse, boutique, food, pharmaceutical or medical factory or simply an interior parking, mechanical room, balcony, staircase, shower or basin, our expert team has the ideal and durable solution (chemical resistance) for all intensive-use concrete floors.

In order to meet all needs, we offer a range of 100% solid (without VOC), durable and environmentally sound products.


  • Seamless, easy care surface
  • Waterproof and moisture resistant surface
  • High resistance to impact and abrasion
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Optional seamless integral corners and edges
  • Approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency
  • Low VOC and odour
  • Possibility to create a custom-made esthetic multicolored floor
  • Optional glossy, matte or satin finish
  • Varying surface texture to produce a range of non-slip finishes
  • Crack bridging, optional flexible membrane available

Floor preparation and other surfaces

It is important that we evaluate the surface or floor condition to decide the type of repair and preparation needed before the coating application (shot blasting, diamond polishing, scarification or sandblast).

High performance epoxy floor

We have a range of epoxy floors such as: epoxy and urethane coating, concrete urethane finish, antistatic coating, wall and floor (standard and trowel-made to ¼ inches) coating, without membrane or seams, etc.

Decoflake floors

Decoflake flooring is an easy to clean, seamless and esthetic flooring system consisting of resin binder 100% solid, sprinkled with multicolored vinyl chips and sealed with uv resistant topcoats. Floor thickness can be customized by variable coating applications. Finishes can be glossy or satin.

Polyurethane-cement flooring systems

This state-of-the-art permanent flooring system is made of polyurethane cement and aggregate. It is phthalate-free, water dispersed and made for intermediate to heavy applications. Designed to provide an excellent resistance to abrasion, impact, chemical attack, thermal shock and other physical aggressions, its smooth finish is easy to clean. It is also possible to broadcast aggregate on the wet screed to increase the texture.

Resistant floors

Luxurious finish

Durable and environmentally safe

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